Evelyn Theiss has been a writer and journalist for more than two decades, including most recently as the investigative producer for WKYC-TV 3, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland.
Before that, she spent 23 years as a reporter at The Cleveland Plain Dealer, then ranked among the Top 20 papers in the country. There, her diverse jobs in the newsroom included being the national politics writer, covering the national conventions and the presidential race of 1996. She also was the first reporter in 40 years to get an interview with the reclusive photographer who first exposed Viet Nam's My Lai massacre with his photos.
Evelyn also served as The Plain Dealer's fashion editor for five years, covering the ready-to-wear shows in Milan, Paris and New York. She was covering the New York shows on 9/11, and filed her first story from Manhattan within a few hours of the planes hitting the Twin Towers. The next day, she was joined by colleagues who headed to New York from Washington and Cleveland, and for five days, they provided team coverage.

During her final three years at The Plain Dealer she was a medical reporter. The latter led to her being awarded a fellowship in food science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2011.

For the past five years, she also has been a correspondent for the national magazine Organic Spa, writing features on health and wellness, and travel.

Currently, Evelyn is working with several private clients for whom she provides online written content, and edits the work of other writers. She offers her skills as a writer and researcher, as well as providing social media and traditional marketing.

 She also coaches people individually on improving their interviewing skills - for jobs, internships, college admissions, and for appearances before the media.


She received her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Kent State University, and, last December, her Master of Science degree in urban studies from the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.